Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Really Good, All-Around Awesome Day

Today was really encouraging and refreshing!!!

To start with, breakfast (the free one from the hotel) was really good. :-)

Next was team devotions at 8:30 am. Three members of our team shared testimonies, and we all enjoyed sharing God's work in our lives and worshipping God together.

At 9:30 we left to visit a daycare. This was truly an awesome opportunity for us to witness! The daycare was founded and run on Christian beliefs, so they allowed us to share the Gospel with the kids. It was a golden opportunity for us. These kids are underprivileged and come from average to low income families (though not as poor as the rifle range we saw in Penang last week) but kids are kids no matter where they come from. We enjoyed the opportunity to share Jesus' love with them! :-)

We sang songs like "This Little Light of Mine" and told the story of Zacchaeus (complete with me being the "tree" that he climbs!) It was so fun! Later, I had to "transform" into a table for Jesus, Zacchaeus, and all his sinner friends to eat at. :-) We also got to talk to and take pictures with the children. I have never known what it is like to have so many kids in my lap at ONE TIME!!! I had 3-4 children in my lap and two on my shoulders! Totally smothering AWESOME!!! :-D :-D

From there we went to Bugis Street and shopped for a while. I bought some really cool stuff when I lost my group... but don't worry, I found people again :-) I really enjoyed the place because it was SO CRAMPED AND BUSY AND LOUD!!! :-D :-D I truly loved it... the cacophony of music, the smells of strange fruits and packaged leather :-) totally amazing and relaxing... :-) What a day!!! :-D

From there, we came back to The Hangout and prepared for tonight's CI.

We went to the church where we ate a tremendous dinner that some families had so generously prepared for us. It was soooo good!!! :-D The dishes included were: fish paste in banana leaves, fish meat balls, salad, corn salad, chicken wings and legs, some gelatin-like layered dessert treat, another gelatin thing covered in coconut shreds, pizza, coconut rice, curry vegetables, FRUIT, and something i couldn't quite figure out (even after tasting it)! There was also a whole plate covered with slices of mango, starfruit, guava, papaya, watermelon, and a couple other fruits I couldn't recognize. They SURE TASTED GOOD!!! :-D

The CI tonight was sooo good! It amazes me how God encourages us when we need it. I needed God's reassurance that I had His help in teaching. Tonight, I taught for an entire 40 minutes about authority and how God uses it in our lives for good. The entire time that I taught, the children were totally attentive!

When we came back from CI, Tiffany brought out cheesecakes that SHE had bought for us with HER personal money, and treated us to a delectable dessert!!! It was so sweet of her (in more than one way, haha!), and we really enjoyed that :-) It was a perfect ending to a perfectly awesome day!

Please pray for our team. Several of our teammates have recieved bad news from home in the past few days. Please pray that God would give them peace, strength to continue pressing onward, and continued trust in Him. Thank you for your prayers!

On a lighter note, the highlight of my day was when Victor was introducing himself at the daycare. He went ahead and introduced his sisters too. Then he pointed to me and introduced me as his brother!!! That completely made my day! :-)

Quotable Quotes from the last two days:

"Abraham wanted a son that he could call......... Son."

"Moses was his name, and coolness was his game."

Alrighty! Its going on... lemme see here... 1:31 am. :-) Full day.. so its time to sleep!

Keep praying for our team! Like I said before, Satanic powers are majorly attacking our team, and we need the prayer warriors to buckle down and seek God on our behalf! God can move mountains, and even the greatest stronghold of darkness is nothing under God's mighty hand.

Loving the frontline,
Lewis Carter
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