Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thus Far

Dear everyone,
Thank you so much for praying for us all! God has truly been good to us in so many ways. The curriculum is coming alive to us because He has shown us gently yet clearly how we ourselves must live out what we teach. It has humbled us but we thank the Lord for His correction & for saving our lives! Praise the Lord!
We came with willing hearts and now the Lord is changing the realities of our hearts. Who we really are, and not who we think we are. This week we will be focusing on God and His reality; who God really is & not what He can do for us.
He is molding us from where we are to having this as our prayer:
Teach me Thy will, O Lord, teach me Thy way
Teach me to know Thy word, teach me to pray
Whate'er seems best to Thee, that be my earnest plea
So that Thou drawest me, closer each day
Teach me Thy wondrous grace, boundless and free
Lord, let Thy blessed face, shine upon me
Heal Thou sin's ev'ry smart, dwell Thou within my heart
Grant that I never part, Saviour from Thee
Teach me by pain Thy power, teach me by love
Teach me to know, each hour, Thou art above
Teach me as seemeth best in Thee to find sweet rest
Leaning upon Thy breast, all doubt remove
Teach Thou my lips to sing, my heart to praise
Be Thou my Lord and King through all my days
Teach Thou my soul to cry, "Be Thou, dear Saviour nigh
Teach me to live, to die, saved by Thy grace."
Do keep us in prayer especially right now as it is a crucial time for us to come before the Lord & ask Him to change our hearts. Only when He truly changes the reality of where are hearts are can we be broken and minister to the children LIFE - because His Word has come alive to us.
A special thanks to our previous team leaders, Andrew Jorgensen, Laura McCloy & Kevin Teh. Without you guys, we wouldn't be where we are now! -- From Vick & Eunice.
With one more extra special thanks for Rosalee Chan, our fantastic team member who has diligently worked on uploading all the pictures to Flickr that is keeping families at home updated on the team's journey. Praise the Lord for her servant heart!
Thank you all - families, friends, former team mates, team leaders, CI children (we see you!), CI parents. One day you too will be joining us on a CI journey, we pray! It is changing our lives and is not just an experience or month of fun :-)
Our prayer is to be sincere like we taught yesterday - Loving God inside & out. May He change us to that reality!
Servants in Christ,
Eunice Peh

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