Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapore: Fourth day!

As I type this, Victor is running around and cheering because he won against Liz at a game of pool. Never mind that it's 11 PM, and we're all tired -- Vick just gave me extra enthusiasm to blog!

This is Onge, and I am your main reporter for tonight (though I wouldn't be surprised if Lijah sent out an extra bayuwch at two. )

We met at (cue your cheers) 10 AM. It was so super amazing to lie in bed until 9:30, miss the breakfast, and bask in the much-needed rest our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us! At least, that's what I did. When I got down to level two there was some serious cooking prep going on. Claire and a whole bunch of amazing girls were busy making lunch and dessert! Yes, ladies and gents, we have talented girls with yummy hearts.

We also found out our personalities today according to the DISC test, but they're all secrets until tomorrow's blog. Actually, we haven't even shared with everyone else, so you're not missing anything! Victor explained that finding our personalities was going to be for a practical application devotions, so I'm looking forward to that tomorrow.

Taking the personality tests were physically consuming, so we inhaled our lunches of tacos and... um... tortillas? It was soooooooo good. I feel hungry just thinking about it. The sun was shining with a vengeance after yesterday's rain, so the COOKIES, CREAM, AND STRAWBERRIES (Tim says it's called a "delectable treat"), started to melt. It was still good, Claire. Thank you so much!!

CI tonight was truly (to quote Laura) a God-night. Eunice took a rain check, and our God took over! We had two of the best skits that we've had in a while (with my leader in both, thank you very much! That's how funny he is). In the first large group, some of our team acted out the Job story to illustrate the right response to suffering and how everything we have belongs to God. Kudos to Lewis for the soundtrack!

The second large group was awesome too. Vick turned the Joseph story around, and we did a Duggar-themed parable! Rosalee, you were ah-mazing as Josie (Joseph) :D So was Elijah (Jim-Bob Duggar, original character: Jacob). Michelle Duggar was played by Pheobe, and Josie's sisters were Jessa (Priscilla), Jinger (Claire), and Johanna (Marie). I can't forget to mention Mr. Earl and Mrs Pearl, who had their special *air-hugs* (wiggle your brows). Josie really had God's strength to resist Mr. Earl's invitation for an *air-hug*! And president Felber who lived in "The White Cake... yum" did a fantastic job too! I seriously had no idea what was going on when the story started in Hawaii. Good job with making a well-known story new all over again!

That brings me to where I am right now: blogging at 11:55PM! Yes, I did take an hour and that is a clue of the personality type that I am [; Expect photos and videos from today's scavenger hunt, and may the craziest team win!


P.S. Prayers are always appreciated. It's a battlefield out here. God leading us through each assault, and it's wonderful to think of the people who are in the sidelines praying and waiting to divide the spoils [;
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