Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi from vick!


This is Victor Peh here, and my update of the South East Asia trip so far!
Ahem... I just wanna say how AMAZZZIIINNNG God has been to me and the whole team this FIRST week! I have never heard such fantastic cool down reviews during the second day ( first week ) ever before! It usually takes us about a week and over before the teachers start getting into the stride of teaching, but this year has been totally different. I sincerely feel that the team this year has a GENUINE love for the kids, and they are so willing to listen and learn, we have had so much fun doing class simulations where 6 of us would take random pieces of papers which have different kid "problems" or unique characteristics such as ( shy guy, over talkative, bully, distracting, cry baby, spoiled, teacher's pet, side tracker etc.) It was LOTS of fun acting those roles out and watching how the team leaders would cope with their special bunch in their own unique different ways. At the end of the simulation, we would discuss what were the things that were done well, and what we could do to improve in the future.

As for me personally, I have been learning to TOTALLY rely on God for strength and wisdom during the large group stories. I usually like to plan and KNOW what I am doing before i do something, but this year... unfortunately... I was only given bits and pieces of SOME stories which were for the most part incomplete. I never knew what story I was going to tell until the very last 15 minutes. God gave me the creativity to come up with new stories to replace the ones i didn't know about, and they really turned out well ( to my surprise! ) there were several times I seriously didn't know what I was going to say until the VERY LAST MINUTE!!!

I was worried before the trip about the fact that I was inexperienced, untrained, and inadequate to lead the team this year. I felt unworthy, which I REALLY was. But God told me that He didn't need a bunch of pros in order to make his power known, all He needed was a bunch of willing 'rascals' such as myself! And He truly has shown his power through all of us. We were never called to be perfect, but to be completely broken and submissive with our WHOLE hearts to the Lord 100%. And that was enough for the Lord to work mighty wonders through us. I feel like as a team, we really do have unity through having the same mind, Same mission and the SAME LOVE and passion for the Lord. This likemindedness truly does bring unity to our team, and if one member suffers, we all suffer. We have been upholding each other in prayer every day on this trip. Devotions have been great, and the members are being TRUE LEADERS on the team even though they don't have the "TITLE" of being leaders or staff. I am learning so much from these silent leaders on the team, and am experiencing such a fruitful time so far :) What helped me to keep going on was thinking of the verse in the Bible which says; " the joy of the Lord is my strength" As long as I can picture us bringing gladness to God's heart, I feel strengthened in some unexplainable way to keep going on!

We have had a great first week and there are greater things yet to come! The blessings on the trip would not have been possible if not for all the people praying for us from all over the world before and even now during the trip, so thank you very much and keep praying for us !

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