Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Didn’t think that was going to happen! (June 16, 2010)

Imagine yourself soundly asleep and all wrapped up in a nice cozy blanket. Then all of a sudden, a horrible sound comes from the other side of the room! BHAM-BHAM-BHAM!!! You jump up on your bed and get yourself into Kung Fu position, ready to take on whatever was making that noise! Then you realize it was just the alarm clock, and you hope no one saw you standing on your bed!

You run downstairs because today you and some friends had planned to go on a bicycle ride along the beach and then sit and read that book that you've been trying to read. But when you get up, you realized that it is raining. No, it is pouring! You then decide that it wouldn’t last long, so you all board the bus and head to your destination: McDonald’s on the beach.

You go inside still thinking the rain wasn’t going to last long. So you order, take a seat, and wait. About half an hour later, you tell everyone to spread out and have their own personal devotions. (Remember, you are still at McDonalds!) So everyone in your group goes off, and after a while they all come back. You all spend time talking, playing with Rubik’s Cubes, and reading because you still think the rain will stop soon. After two hours of waiting, you decide to check what the weather forcast for the rest of the day. Rain, rain and some more rain! You decide call the bus driver and ask him to come back early. When you get back to the hotel, you wonder: Why did I just sit in McDonald’s for two hours?

Well that is exactly what we did today (except for the jumping on bed and Kung Fu!) After we watched the news, we found a good reason why we spent the whole morning at McDonalds. There was a flash flood warning in effect for the area where we had planned to go biking. We also saw that there was a flood on Orchard Road, the place we had planned to go next. We realized that God had kept us stranded at McDonald’s for safety. You see? We had planned on a day of adventure, but we were kept from following through with our plans. Had we not been “stranded,” we could have been caught in the flood. That could have meant no CI for that evening and other possible harm. Who would have thought that God would have used a McDonald’s? I strongly believe that we were kept under this roof for protection, not only for us, but also for the children of Singapore. After all, God does work in mysterious ways.

During CI tonight, I decided to give Victor a break. I told the story, and Victor got to act! We told the typical Mrs. Hockenstock story about Responsibility and Truthfulness. It was fun being able to tell the story! I never thought I would be a story teller for a CI, especially in Singapore. I feel totally honored! But it obviously wasn't because of my skills in story telling. It was because Victor wanted to give me a chance at it. I thank God for Victor everyday because he is an awesome example, encourager and motivator! I’m proud to claim him as a friend!

We continue to ask for your prayers!! We need them now more than ever!

Fully Trusting Him,

Konner Felber

(AKA Mr. Corner!)

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