Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wednesday: Day Three in Singapore

It's been awesome serving the Lord here in Singapore!

Starting the day out worshiping the Lord as a team, making Him our focus is crucial for serving Him whole heartily!

For lunch the team enjoyed the experience of cooking, eating, enjoying, and savoring pepper lunches. Pepper lunches usually consist of rice and a raw meet that cooks on your hot skillet. After lunch the team enjoyed the leisure of browsing the mall for souvenirs and keepsakes to bring home.

Wednesday night is always a big night for CI. We taught on Responsibility, Truthfulness, and the importance of having a clear conscience. The teams did an fun object lesson demonstrating how lies don't just effect one person but actually entangle the ones the lie is shared with. By the end of the object lesson, my team was entangled and trapped in a yarn web of untruth. I was able to share with the team how I had entangled others in lies I had told and how the Lord gave me the courage to go back to the people I had wronged to ask for their forgiveness. I was able to share with my team the joy and freedom there is in having a clear conscience. I was encouraged when I saw the kids grasping the importance of a clear conscience and going home with a person in mind with whom they needed to make things right with.

Large Group was a highlight of the night for me. For the story, I narrated the Miss Hockenstock skit and taught my four special students (Margret, Joey, Bucky, and Susie) about the four different ways of telling a lie: Telling a lie to hurt someone else, taking the blame for something you didn't do, making up a story that's not the truth, or just not saying anything when we do know the truth. These may seem harmless, but in reality, all of them are lies and sin that separates us from God.

I thank the Lord for bringing each one of us on this trip to serve the Lord and grow in our walks with Him. I can't wait to see how the Lord will use us during the rest of the trip! Thank you all for your prayers. They are needed and appreciated!

- Elizabeth Shoemaker
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