Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday: Day Two in Singapore

So, this is the first CI I have attended (as a teacher or student) and the first blog post I have written, so hang with me. The first week is over, and now we are in Singapore with a much larger group. My very capable assistant is Julie Shoemaker. I don't know what I would do without her, probably play duck duck goose the whole time or something to that effect. The day (Tuesday the 7th) started out well, with being able to sleep till 9:00, which ultimately ended up with me missing breakfast....oh well. :) Then we had team devos and teachers prep, and then we went to this huge mall on Orchard street and had some super good food for lunch. After that we did a little bit of shopping and went to the church for CI.

After some frantic preparation, the kids started arriving. We greeted them, and got them prepared as best we could for another awesome day at CI. After some playing around to get rid of some energy, I taught the lesson on authority. The kids were fairly receptive, and understood most of what I was trying to get across.
Then we had a large group, and I participated in the skit. Put me in front of a bunch of kids, and I say pretty much whatever comes to my mind (and sometimes it bypasses my mind). At least the kids think it's funny. :) Then we had another small group, where Julie taught on obedience. Again the kids listened (I love my team), and we did some crafts. Then it was time for another large group. This was a very special large group for me. So far on the trip I have had the opportunity of getting a hair treatment by Konner twice--as in he tells a story about the Ten Commandments using ten eggs, and then proceeds to smash them on my person.The kids loved it, and this week the kids began a chant about smashing one on my face. Thankfully Konner didn't do that. :) He just dripped it in my face instead. At least this week there was a shower I could use, and I didn't have to lean over a squat toilet to use a faucet....not the most pleasant thing I've ever done....:)

This trip has been awesome so far. The opportunities and friends God has given me is amazing. I look forward to the rest of the trip, and the things God has planned for all of us. Thank you all for the prayers.:)

For the team, Josiah Povich
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