Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Hi from Jakarta!

Joshua, the Israelites and Jericho :)

We are here in Jakarta, and our team would like to say a big HI and THANK you for keeping us in prayer. We really need it! :) We are at the last day of CI in Jakarta. The children have so much passion and energy (we've had a great time channelling that energy!) and it's been a privilege to serve them! Over this week, we've gone to an orphanage, played sports, went shopping, eaten snake fruit and have gone to seminar everyday in an authentic Indonesian public bus (imagine a little mini bus, 29 people inside with a driver and an assistant who runs out of the bus to clear traffic and make way for us!)

Say hi to Team 2!

Today we're learning Ownership, Freedom & True Success. Please pray that we stay in God's strength and His JOY is our strength!

We have more pictures, so look out for more. Continue to keep us in prayer!

Signing off,
Eunice Peh
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