Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full day of CI - Saturday 5th June 2010

Today was our first full day of CI! Time passed really quickly even though we were with the children from 9am to 6pm. It turned out to be a REALLY great day. The skits were funny, the parent presentation went well and all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves:)

Someone came around asking what was the most scary thing that happened to everyone today. Well for me, it was during parent presentation. I was kneeling at the front of my team when I suddenly realised that Kayden(who was at the front of my team on stage) was about to cry! I switched him with the child behind him and he was fine after that...I think he just got a fright at seeing so many people in the audience.

After CI and packing up, we headed for dinner with the Kuala Lumpur ATI families. Along the way there, we got into a carpark confusion that made us late. It is kinda hard to explain but what happened was that we used the same cashcard thing to get three cars into a carpark that we were using as a shortcut, not realising that it only works for one car. So because of that, the carpark barrier only let one car out while the other two were stuck in the carpark. To make it worse, it was a really busy carpark. There were cars honking, people staring at us and...I think we caused a traffic jam:) I was trying to sort out the problem but I had no idea what to do. To cut a long story short, by God's grace the carpark attendant came and let us out after we paid for a parking ticket. It was a lesson of patience in difficult situations for us all!

The week has flown by soo fast and we are all looking forward to our sabbath day tomorrow before we start a whole new CI in Penang next week!

Rejoicing in God's love,

P.S The above picture is of my team with Martha. The aforementioned Kayden is in the front in blue:) Oh, and the pose is an "official" ATI prayer stretch that the staff came up with:D
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