Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Post-Trip Reflections, Part 2 (Eltz)

CI Staff Reflections

19 June 2015

       Can't believe another year of CI has come to an end. As I'm reflecting back on today in Jakarta, Indonesia I can see God's love poured out all over our last day of CI. Please allow me to share with you how God showed us His love.

        God cares about the smallest desires of my heart. Knowing this was my last CI for the year I thought to myself how much fun it would be to be in one more skit. I did not mentioned my desire to anyone but not even the smallest desire can be hidden from God. I was almost out the door to the staff room to begin Large Group when Victor asked me to be Miss Frizzle the school teacher in "The Magic School Bus" skit. Needless to say I agreed and enjoyed acting in the skit. I saw God’s love though knowing and answering the small desires of my heart just to say... I’m with you and love you!

The Magic School Bus Skit!

        As I walked around and observed the small groups I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for the children He had brought this week. And the teachers God had brought to touch the kids lives in ways only God had planned for each of them. To say there was energy in CI is an understatement, each teacher tired but so determined to finish strong as they taught their final lesson to the kids on their team, and brought their enthusiasm to large group in skits, songs, and verses. We may never see all the fruit God will bring in the lives of the kids in days, weeks, and years to come from this week of CI. But sometimes God gives us a glimpse of lives touched through the tears of a child clinging to his teacher telling his parents he doesn’t want to leave CI.

Large Group in Jakarta

        In moments of excitement and joy the enemy is still seeking who he may devour. I was faced with my fears leading songs and verses for parent presentation. The place prepared for me to lead singing was a platform in the back of the room. Doesn’t sounds bad except heights are not my best friend and I didn’t have my glasses on so the kids were fuzzy. I also don’t like to know how many people are watching parent presentation until after we are done (less intimidating that way. :)) today the audience sat in front of me. And the cherry on top, I could see someone recording me out of the corner of my eye. The enemy didn’t miss his opportunity immediately sending thoughts.... you’re going to forget the words or hand-motions to one of the songs. But God never fails to speak truth, I’m right here with you! I immediately began praying for wisdom to remember everything and to do each song and verse for God’s glory alone. As the kids, teachers, and translators sang with all of their hearts and exploding with enthusiasm as they did each hand-motion. At the end of each song and quoting Psalm 98 I could only say thank you Jesus for always being with me and answering in time of need. It truly was a special parent presentation for me because through my weakness God was strong.

Parent Presentation in Jakarta

        Today was just another day in God’s workshop. Zooming out and looking back on  this trip, it has been nothing short of God showing His love to me as I open my heart to Him, sometimes it’s painful seeing who I really am but He is a good God and shows me who I want to be, more like Christ through loving the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, giving me the courage to die to myself. My prayer for each of us as we are separated by distance is we won’t stop letting God do the uncomfortable in us, abandoning ourselves our dreams, desires, and motives and without hesitation saying yes Lord to anyone He calls us to disciple because we truly love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Because He first loved me,
Elizabeth (Eltz) Shoemaker :)

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