Sunday, March 15, 2015

Join us for our 2015 Trip!!

IBLP South East Asia would like to invite you to join us for our 2015 Children’s Institute Trip! This is a unique opportunity to teach children from three diverse countries and cultures, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This year, we are looking for 18 teachers - will you be one of them?

About The Trip:
The South East Asia Children’s Institute Trip is a unique opportunity to work with a like-minded, international team of youth to reach children with the gospel. Children’s Institute training will take place during the trip. On top of teaching Children’s Institutes, there will also be opportunities to reach out to local youth who are attending the Basic Seminar and visit orphanages at each city. You can expect to develop teaching, communication and intercultural skills that will be useful to you in many other aspects of life!

What They Had to Say...
“You might not even want to go on this trip. But I promise, this will change your life! When God shows up, you won’t have a choice!” 
- Nathan Burkhalter, 2011 team

“For me, CI was the push I needed, the wake-up call that I’ve been dying for, the kickstart to really start living life." - Ariel Ma, 2012 team

“The trip in general helped me to grow so much spiritually, when teaching the kids, it felt like I was teaching myself the lesson, it really hit home." 
- Rachel Roets, 2012 team

“This trip got me away from all things familiar and challenged my walk with the Lord like I had never known.” - Kristin Baine, 2013 team

“I learnt that teaching isn’t about telling the kids about facts and concepts. It is about conveying a blessing, a message or an experience that God has given you!" - Rainanda Badudu, 2013 team

“I can think of no other trip that has influenced me more as a person. Each CI trip, I learn invaluable life lessons about God, myself, and working with others.” - Jolynn Tan, 2013 team

“CI was a tool God used to bring my relationship and understanding of Him to a whole new level. I have learnt many, many unforgettable lessons.”  
- Krystal Ling, 2013 team

Trip Details:
Dates: 30 May -  24 June 2015

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta

Cost: The IBLP South East Asia Office is subsidizing 55% of the total cost. The following is what teachers from each respective country will pay after the subsidy.
Americans - USD$1300
Singaporeans - SGD$1400
Malaysians - RM$2800
Indonesians - SGD$1400
Cost covers meals, lodging and travels between the 3 countries.
Cost is not inclusive of the round-trip flight between your country of origin and Singapore.

Closing Date: 20 April 2015
(date may be earlier - once we have 18 teachers)

  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • ATII Student (required for Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians only)
  • Journey to the heart (required for Americans only)
  • Basic Seminar Alumnus
Questions? Please email Mr. Teh ( or the CI Staff ( or click here to download the application form! 

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