Thursday, April 18, 2013

"How good it is to bring everything to the Lord in PRAYER!"

Theme this year: Body of Christ!
Curriculum this year: Masterwork of God
Book this year: Ephesians!
Memory work: Eph 3:14-21

Major Concept: Believing God has made us as His masterwork, uniquely and specifically for His purposes and together we make up the Body of Christ..rooted and growing in love to the glory of Him, our Head!


"How good it is to bring everything to the Lord in PRAYER!"

Dear all!

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! :D 

We are starting to blog again! :) How the year has passed and we are at the final planning stages of CI, almost ready to hit off the first seminar day come June the 3rd!

This year God has impressed on my convictions the great need for prayer for our team. Although the efforts of my hands look like I am the leader of the team, GOD truly is the Conductor of the "orchestra" that is coming into life now. How good it is to bring everything to Him in prayer!

The first thing I would like to start with is gratefulness to God for the opportunity to run ANOTHER Children's Institute run this year. Thank you God, for the finances. Thank you God, for the people. Thank you GOD for the children we are going to meet this year.

Another thing I would like to thank God for is the team members God is slowly adding to our trip, and more as the deadline closes soon!

Most of all, I thank God for His grace is sustaining us although it is a very busy time of the year and helping us to keep focus of what is important as we plan.

We would really appreciate your prayer for these next few items that we are working through.

1. Team Members
Please pray for the people He is gathering - pray that we will submit the number from the Lord and that He will handpick each individual teacher. Really pray that the Lord will bring who He wants

2. CI Children
Please pray that the registrations for this year will not dwindle but steadily increase. Pray that God will move the families He wants to come, to come!

3. Preparations & the Leaders
Please pray that the preparations will go smoothly and that we leaders will be prayerful at each part of the process. Pray that the Leaders as well as our "Trip Parents" Mr & Mrs Teh will have rest & obey the promptings of God.

Thank you all, parents, friends & well wishers who have been with us over the last few years of this journey - the Southeast Asia Children's Institute Mission Trip 2013 is on it's way!

Love in Christ,
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